Sirens is a novel length project that’s really difficult for me to explain. That’s probably not what a potential editor or agent wants to hear, so here goes my best. Dominic Ellis works for a corporation that creates living mythological creatures for wealthy clients. The clients use these creatures in their sexual fantasies, so The Corporation values their need for secrecy. Set about twenty-five years in the future, the world outside The Corporation, a world Dominic rarely gets to see, is filled with radioactive buildings and mutated humans, all waging war for reasons long forgotten. When Semtex, a weapons company, makes a deal with The Corporation, Dominic is forced to turn his beautiful mythological creatures into weapons proficient in stealth and sabotage.

There’s only one problem. Dominic has fallen love with his latest creation.

Channeling the work of artist H.R. Giger (Alien, Species), the thrash band Coroner, and an unhealthy obsession with adult film star Shawna Lenee, I hope to walk with the reader into a world of madness and chaos, and ultimately prove that sometimes our darkest nightmares are really just the dreams of a man turned mad with love.

You will root for the bad guy with this one.


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