David Boyer Just Published a Story YOU Wrote!

Now, that I’ve got you full attention, allow me to explain. Apparently, this David Boyer cat, who uses several pseudonyms, can’t write. I mean like is untalented, as in probably the most rejected author ever. All my friends know that if I don’t have anything nice to say about anyone, I tend to keep my mouth shut, and I definitely don’t use my blog as a pulpit for public flogging, but sometimes you hear about someone who deserves it. So Here. We. Go.

What this David Boyer, or David Doc Byron as he calls himself sometimes, does is find stories published in print or online, changes the character names and a few trivial details, and presents it as his own, which is illegal. Plagiarism is like the worst thing you can ever do if you call yourself a writer. It’s much rarer than you think, so when it truly happens, it tends to stick out like a sore thumb.

Face it, if you steal something that’s been published, say a horror story, and you present it as your own to another magazine and get it published, don’t you think someone, somewhere out there in the world with similar tastes is going to read your stolen story and think, “Hmmm, this sounds so familiar, deja vu?”

Sue Him, you cry. Well, according to many sources, suing him would be like getting blood from a turnip. The guy is broke.

What can we do, you ask? That’s the easy part. Someone found a way to press Criminal Charges against this loser. Click on the link below and read author Brian Keene’s piece about the guy. You DO NOT have to live in Indiana to participate. As a writer, I can tell you this is probably one of the most horrifying things that can happen to you. To find out that a story you slaved over for hours, days, weeks, sometimes months or years and is now tagged with someone else’s byline, someone who didn’t do a thing other than copy and paste your story and change a character’s name, well…that just sucks, period.

Please take the time to send an email or a letter and lets stop this thief for good.

Here’s the link: David Boyer is a Bag of Fuck – Brian Keene.


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