Tidbits, a New Booked Podcast, and THIS IS MY 100TH POST!

Rough week, and I have a sinus headache, so bear with me. The flu shot I received today has nothing to do with this sinus headache, I swear. Funny thing is reading all the warnings on the flyer they give you right before they give you the shot. (Is it me, or do these people who give you the shot look like they are perhaps a little too old to be poking someone with a syringe?) The warning is something like: Adverse reactions to the vaccine, though rare, can result in illness or death. Fortunately, adverse reactions will start within a few minutes or several hours. Great. You might die from this shot, but the good news is, if you’re going to die, it’s going to be in a little while. So reassuring. 


I started a Facebook page for the website. I really, really like the concept behind Facebook. I can handle all the changes, though the having a Facebook in the upper right corner of my Facebook page so I can Facebook while I Facebook is redundant. (From Dictionary.com. Redundant: re·dun·dant [ri-duhn-duhnt]  adjective. see redundant.) In the next couple of months, I’m going to be asking my friends to please ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page so that I can use my private page for family and very close personal friends. Obviously, this is going to ruffle a little feathers, and I understand. I think of all of my friends as ‘friends’, so the actual process of unfriending a lot of people hurts me more than you can imagine. Instead of doing this all at once, I’ve decided to prolong the misery as long as I can. So, please ‘LIKE’ my Obscuradrome page, and help me turn it into the Dark Arena it is meant to be. 


Those cool guys at Booked, how do they find the time to read a book in a week? Crazy. Anyway, master speed-readers Livius Nedin and Robb Olson review The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and you can listen to that podcast by clicking right here. After listening to the review, this is a book I’m going to have to check out. I’m going to start working on the guys to check out Southern Gods. Shouldn’t be a problem for these speed-readers.


This is my 100th post. Wow, I never thought I would make it this far. The next milestone will be my 500th post, then of course The Number of The Beast post. Thanks to all my loyal readers. This year and a half here has been fun, and I hope to be celebrating my 500th post a lot sooner than later. Coming up for the end of the year: October’s WriterDrome column, Novembers WriterDrome special guest column (crossing my fingers she can get it ready by then), and all kinds of Halloween craziness for the month of October. 

Later guys and gals,



2 responses to “Tidbits, a New Booked Podcast, and THIS IS MY 100TH POST!

  1. It’s funny that you say that about speed reading. I’ve gotten so used to reading on a deadline that it almost defines my pace. I have to consciously slow down when reading something if i’m not reviewing it. It’s a weird change from before the podcast, when I would pick up a book, set it down, maybe get back to it in a few weeks.

    All that said, it’s great for being a productive reader, and I feel like my knowledge of what’s out there is a billion times better than it was at episode one.

  2. I’m a notoriously slow reader. Deadline…eeeck, makes me feel like I’m back in school. I can see how it benefits you for the podcasts. Good thing I’m not on the podcast, because it would be like, “And join us in three months when Livius, me and Bob Pastorella review whatever book Bob is closest to finishing by then.”

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