Updates and a Donald Ray Pollock Book Review, an Interview with Max Barry, a Giveaway, and a Roadtrip

I’m going to blame my absence on work. Work in the form of a job, and work in the form of a writing project. The Attack of The Side Project is progressing nicely now that I’ve been sufficiently motivated. I hate saying I’m pretty excited about a project because I usually jinx myself, and within a few weeks or a month, I’m back staring at the screen, wanting to write, but boiled down in a cesspool of paralyzing perfectionism that won’t allow me to move forward. Let me just say I like the idea I’m working on, and will do everything I can to see it through at least a first draft. It’s too early in the first draft for me to elaborate much, but I will say there are Zombies. If you think a post-apocalyptic mix of The Missing and Taken, and there are super-fast and deadly Zombies roaming about,  you are pretty close to the idea I’m working on.

Livius Nedin and Robb Olson over at Booked have been busy as Hell lately. First up is a review of Donald Ray Pollock’s novel The Devil All the Time. Next they scored an interview with writer Max Barry, author or the new novel, Machine Man, as well as the novels Syrup, Jennifer Government, and Company. The guys are also participating in a giveaway of a certain anthology I happen to have a story in over at Goodreads. Click the link at the top to enter the giveaway.

Finally, Booked is joining forces with Richard Thomas and Chris Deal for Frank Bill’s book release party for Crimes In Southern Indiana. Wow, these guys are busy this month. You’d think seventeen back to back interviews would have worn them down or something, but NOOOOO, they just keep on bringing us the stuff we want. Keep up the good work guys.


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