Warmed and Bound Podcast Interview # 17: Craig Clevenger

Have you checked your mail lately? Did a nice, book sized package from Amazon or Powells hit your mailbox?

No. Then you need to order Warmed And BoundThat way you can keep up with the Joneses and read 38 great stories by 38 great authors.

When I found out about Warmed And Bound, one thought kept roaming through my head: Which one of the Velvet Trio will grace us with a story? I knew that one was M.I.A. for reasons unknown, and another was probably a given, so that left one more writer that I really wanted to be in this anthology. I was hoping for one, and got two. What a deal. Craig Clevenger, author of The Contortionist’s Handbook, and Dermaphoria, is one of my writing idols.  Born in Texas, he made his way to California and wrote himself onto the map of dark, disturbing literature. Livius and Robb at Booked scored an interview with Craig, and if you grab a chair and a beverage of choice, you can listen to it by clicking right here.


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