Warmed and Bound Podcast Interview # 16: Stephen Graham Jones

Two more podcast interviews left for the Warmed And Bound Sessions over at Booked. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Warmed And Bound is out and available at Amazon and Powells. Pick up your copy today, please. 

Stephen Graham Jones really needs no introduction. If you are a Velveteer, then you know who he is. Author of All The Beautiful Sinners, Demon Theory, and the recent novel It Came From Del Rio and the collection The Ones That Got Away, among others, Stephen is one the more prolific writers working today. He consistently raises the bar with every piece of fiction he puts out, so much so that he is both inspiring and intimidating. Personally, reading his stories make me try harder as a writer. The really cool thing about Stephen Graham Jones, like most of the writers at The Velvet, is that he is both a writer and a contributing member, so he’s usually actively engaged in whatever is happening at the website, and STILL manages to write a couple of books a year.

Livius and Robb at Booked managed to get Stephen to sit still long enough to get an interview, and if you click right here you can listen to it. Enjoy.


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