Warmed and Bound Podcast Interview # 11: Nik Korpon

Warmed And Bound. One of my stories is in this book. There are thirty-seven better stories in it. If you like my stories, think how much more you’ll like the other stories. You can buy it at Amazon, Powells, and Barnes and Noble.


Nik Korpon writes out of Baltimore. Being that’s also one the many cities frequented by Edgar Allen Poe during his lifetime, Nik must be following in the old-fellows footsteps, because his fiction is strange and dark, yet vivid and full of excitement. I met Nik online through WriteClub, and other velvety places, and I never fail to check out anything he has published. Author of the novel Stay G od , (the spelling is intentional) and the novella Old Ghosts, you’d be giving yourself a treat by picking up either, or both, of those. Robb and Livius at Booked have been waiting to talk with Nik Korpon for a while now. Grab a glass of iced tea and drop into a hammock while you listen to Nik’s podcast right here.


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