Warmed and Bound Podcast Interview # 9: Edward J. Rathke

At The Velvet, we’re all very excited about the release of Warmed And Bound, and you should also be excited. Tired of reading all that boring drivel pumped out in mass quantities, guaranteed to leave you unfulfilled and wondering if maybe you could write a novel better than Dan Brown? Thirty-Eight authors, Thirty-Eight Stories. Read this book.  

Edward J. Rathke is not a writer, or an author. Not in the typical sense of those words. Defining him and his work isn’t difficult, it’s just that you really can’t pigeon hole the man. Eddy, as we he call him, is an artist. He doesn’t write stories in as much as he paints stories, or sings stories, or allows you to brush your fingertips on his stories, allows you to dip your nose close to his stories and take in their peculiar yet oh so familiar scents. His canvas is your mind, and the words are his soul. Last year after he graduated from college,  Eddy wrote FOUR (4) novels. Four. I’ve been working on Blood Junkies for the last two and half years and this guy belts out four like it’s nothing. Livius Nedin and Robb Olson at Booked reached out to Mr. Rathke in South Korea, where he is teaching, and got him to open up about his writing process and his truly spectacular life. Chair, drink, sit and listen to it here. I’ve got an interview to record, so see you guys tomorrow evening.


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