Warmed and Bound Podcast Interview # 8: Doc O’Donnell

Warmed And Bound. Thirty-eight authors, thirty-eight stories. Each story bringing you closer to the point where Morality meets Mortality, where the choices you make are the ones that break you but there’s no where else to run, no one to save you. Each step closer to Doom only brings you closer to the light of reality. Available at Amazon and Powells, coming soon to an eReader near you.




Doc O’Donnell is the editor of Dirty Noir, a Noir ezine that is making some massive sparks out there in the literary world. Showcasing fiction by todays emerging writers, established authors like Stephen Graham Jones, Chris Deal, Nik Korpon, and Richard Thomas, and one very nice booty in the banner, Dirty Noir is fast becoming the place to get your dirty realism kicks. Doc is also a very talented writer. I met him this year in Write Club, and he is as crazy as you would think, yet passionate about all his fiction endeavors, whether he’s wearing the writers hat or the editor’s glasses. Wait a second, I don’t think Doc wears glasses. Oh well, you get the picture.

Livius Nedin and Robb Olson at Booked managed to wake Doc up with just three hours of sleep after a sixteen hour shift at work and get him to talk a little about writing, publishing, and other dirty things. You know the drill: Chair, Drink, Sit down and click here to listen to this crazy, dirty writer from downunder.


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