Warmed and Bound Podcast Interview # 7 Anthony David Jacques

Well, it looks like someone can’t keep our book in stock. Nothing official yet, but for those of you that have ordered the book and had that order cancelled, please click here  and go to the “Order Overload” link to find a little more information and a way to get your Warmed And Bound fix fast. Sales continued to be strong over the weekend, and probably far exceeded anything we could have imagined. Thank you, dear readers, for making this little dream of ours come true. 





To be completely honest, I’m quite sure I’ve never read any of Anthony David Jacques stories until today. So glad I did. He’s been at The Velvet for a good while, and after reading his contribution to Warmed And Bound, “The Liberation of Edward Kellor” I know why. I’m just going to say the man can write, and the imagery and feelings he creates with his words will knock your socks off. Livius Nedin and Robb Olson, the wonderful guys at Booked chatted with Anthony and got him to open up a little about himself and his writing. Click here to listen to the interview, after you’ve pulled up a chair and fixed yourself a beverage, of course.


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