One Buck Horror. Get Creeped Out For a Dollar!

 One Buck Horror, a new online anthology available for ereaders, takes us back to the time when we feared what goes bump in the night. For me, that was yesterday, mainly because I have an over active imagination, but also because I remember how scared I used to get wondering if there was something under my bed, or lurking behind the shower curtain. As adults, we all claim to have outgrown those fears, but trust me, when it’s dark and you’re all alone, its easy to let your mind get the best of you. One Buck Horror, a bimonthly anthology, gives use a handful of tales to remind us how easy it is to get scared. It’s very fitting that the protagonists of these five tales are children, or at least teenagers, because it’s that time of our lives when we believe what we fear the most can also hurt us the most. 

“Jenny’s House” by Ada Hoffmann is a creepy little tale written in the voice of a grade schooler. This one reminded me of some of the short stories William F. Nolan used to write, mixed in with that old school Stephen King vibe that makes us smile as well as cringe. 

“A Lullaby for Caliban” by Mark Onspaugh deals with gang initiation rites and a traveling sideshow carnival, complete with “pickled punks”. Icky creepy goodness.

“The Last Nephew” by Elizabeth Twist teaches us that getting mixed up in Ancient Rites and Ouija boards only opens up a much larger can of worms, and one that’s not easily closed.

“The Cornfield” by Mike Trier was my favorite of the bunch. A very simple tale that rides you hard and wet after the initial set up. Great atmosphere here, especially since I hate looking at fields in the moonlight. 

“The Ginger Men” by Julie Jansen is a very inventive revenge tale that reminded me of some of Richard Matheson’s and Ira Levin’s works. 

All of the stories also reminded me of those old Creepy and Eerie comics all us Horror fiends used to read back in the day. The vibe is Old School to the max, and that’s a very good thing. 

Can Writers Submit to One Buck Horror?

You betcha. One Buck Horror is currently open to short story submissions of 3000 words or less. Writers who’d like to learn more about submitting to One Buck Horror should visit our submission guidelines at

Finally, here’s where you can buy one buck horror online:


Barnes And Noble.


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