Updates and News

Things have been massively busy here on the day job front, and hopefully good things are happening for me very soon. Possibly by the weekend, maybe by Tuesday, I’ll be posting a review of one of the most exciting things going on in the online reading arena. I was really hoping to do this sooner, but work has gotten in my way, and like I said, hopefully good things associated with that.

I’ve got some interview things coming up for the noir/Neo-Noir, Dark Fiction anthology collection Warmed And Bound that I’ll be posting links for as soon as I get them, though it may be awhile for one of them, possibly by the end of the month. As soon as the preorder link is available, I’ll make sure I pass that along as well.

Finally, some killer movie news in the form of: Ben Foster Hops Onboard “Prometheus” | News | Dark Horizons. Ben is one of the brightest rising star actors working right now, and I’m certain he’s going to bring an intensity to this Alien prequel that we haven’t seen before. Be sure to scout around Dark Horizons to read some of the other news out there in the movie world and check out some of the cool movie previews in the Trailer section.

Everyone stateside have a great holiday weekend, and to my overseas readers, you people have a great weekend as well.

Happy July 4th, Bob.





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