Warmed and Bound-The Literary Justice League

Every one of us has heroes, whether they are real people we look up to and respect, or made up people who catch our imagination with their power and drive.  I’ve always been a fan of superheroes. I grew up watching Super Friends on Saturday mornings, so I tend to lean a little on the DC Comics side.

There are real people that I consider superheroes. Like Batman, who has only his intelligence and drive to rely on, my real heroes are people who break the mold of conformity and never ever give up. 

Warmed and Bound is a fiction anthology featuring my own personal Literary Justice League.

Anthologies are collections of short stories, all by different authors, generally with an overall theme. With this collection, the theme is every author was chosen for their relationship to the Velvet, a literary website devoted to the fiction of Will Christopher Baer, Craig Clevenger, and Stephen Graham Jones. What started as a fan site has exploded in recent years to a thriving hub of new and exciting writers ready to pounce on the world and call it their own.

I don’t think I’m stepping out on a limb here when I say that the Velvet is home of the future of fiction, especially dark fiction of all genres. 

I am proud to announce the Official Author List for Warmed and Bound, and to also announce that my name is included among the authors. I am honored to be mentioned next to Brian Evenson, Craig Clevenger, Stephen Graham Jones, Caleb J. Ross, Pela Via, Blake Butler, Richard Thomas, Chris Deal, Kyle Minor, J. David Osborne, Axel Taiari, Paul Tremblay, and if I left your name out, sorry, just going off the top of my head here, and I know I’m leaving people out…so sorry. ALL of the thirty-eight authors in this anthology are superheroes. (Yep, that means I’m a superhero too.) I have to give a massive shout out to the extremely talented and beautiful Pela Via for her tireless work in editing this project. As far as editors go, she is the BOMB, and she’s one helluva writer on top of all that.

Edit: I feel like such a heel. I forgot Logan Rapp, the Wizard behind the curtain, the sparkdriver MC of the Velvet. Without him, this anthology would have never happened. Thank you sir, you are most appreciated.

The stories are in, and the list is set, but that’s about it on the news front. Cover art is forthcoming, as well as the release date. When that information becomes available, you will know. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to make sure this doesn’t go to my head and continue to write the best stories only I can write. Now here’s something to make this post complete: The Table of Contents.

Death Juggler by Axel Taiari
Click-Clack by Caleb J Ross
The World Was Clocks by Amanda Gowin
Mantodea by Matt Bell
All the Acid in the World by Gavin Pate
Crazy Love by Cameron Pierce
Chance the Dick by Paul G Tremblay
Soccer Moms and Pro Wrestler Dads by Bradley Sands
Take Arms Against a Sea by Mark Jaskowski
This Will All End Well by Nik Korpon
Midnight Souls by Christopher J Dwyer
The Tree of Life by Edward J Rathke
The Killer by Brian Evenson
Headshot by Gordon Highland
Inside Out by Sean Ferguson
Laws of Virulence by Jeremy Robert Johnson
Bruised Flesh by Craig Wallwork
Bad, Bad, Bad Bad Men by Craig Davidson
Three Theories on the Murder of John Wily by by J David Osborne
The Road Lester Took by Stephen Graham Jones
My German Daughter by Nic Young
What Was There Inside the Child by Blake Butler
Seed by Gayle Towell
They Take You by Kyle Minor
The Redemption of Garvey Flint by Vincent Louis Carrella
Blood Atonement by DeLeon DeMicoli
The Liberation of Edward Kellor by Anthony David Jacques
Act of Contrition by Craig Clevenger
Say Yes to Pleasure by Richard Thomas
The Weight of Consciousness by Tim Beverstock
If You Love Me by Doc O’Donnell
Touch by Pela Via
Love by JR Harlan
Practice by Bob Pastorella
Fading Glory by Brandon Tietz
Little Deaths by Gary Paul Libero
We Sing the Bawdy Electric by Rob Parker
In Exile by Chris Deal


4 responses to “Warmed and Bound-The Literary Justice League

  1. Very excited about this myself, Bob. Really, such a fantastic collection of authors, I’m honored to be in here as well. Glad you’re a part of it to, about time, ya slacker.

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