Victimized by Richard Thomas: Bob’s Review

Every once in a while a story comes along that just gives you the old Gut-Punch. The Gut-Punch is that moment when each aspect of the story comes together in a single instance of crystal clear clarity. The words sing to you. As your eyes pour over the words, you realized you are no longer reading. You are experiencing the story. Think back to that moment when you first saw Alien when Kane (John Hurt) is eating with the rest of the crew, seemingly okay after the facehugger died, and then we see the parasitic xenomorph baby rip through his chest.

Gut-Punch. We knew from that moment on that we were not in Kansas anymore.

Victimized by Richard Thomas (Transubstantiate) is one of those stories. The Gut-Punch is the whole story, from the first words until the end.  And though we may not be in Kansas, the world he’s created is eerily like our own. Thomas has the ability to ground us in his world. We may tread what feels like ‘safe’ territory, but there’s some nasty surprises just around the corner. The sense of familiarity ends when we learn that violent criminals now have a choice when they come up for trial: Jury or the ring. A fight to the death. Criminal versus victim, or someone from the victim’s family. People spend their hard-earned cash placing bets, unable to stop watching the brutal beatings and torturous deaths. As the title suggests, we see this world from the eyes of a victim. She’s trained long and hard, honed her muscles and shred the fat. She’s ready, but will this chance for justice finally set her free?

Available only through Amazon for 99 cents. That’s right, 99 cents. And you don’t need a Kindle to read it. Just download the free Kindle reader app to your computer and let Richard Thomas lead you into the arena.

Here’s the link to buy the story.


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