March 28th Gas Strike…be ready.

Spring is here, and it’s going to be a hot one. Lots of people are taking some time off from work and getting outside, enjoying the sunshine. The YMBL Southeast Texas State Fair starts tonight, but I’m not going to attend. Nope, I have to get ready for the annual March Gas Strike. You know, when gas prices go up, the entire United States rallies together and decides not to purchase gas for a whole day. I missed the one on March 7th, and the following one on the 14th, and this one too, on the 21st. I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed it either. I quite distinctly remember seeing someone getting some gas Monday. Several people were getting gas that day.

My car has a 17.1 gallon tank, so when I buy gas, all I do is put in $7.50 worth of gas in the tank, every day. Sure, I could probably fill it up once a week, but for the strike to be effective, you really need to be going to the gas station EVERY single day and put in just enough. $7.50 gets me back and forth to work with a little to spare in case I have to go the store, and definitely just enough to make it to the gas station the next morning. Now, I know some of you guys out there are going to do the really dumb thing and fill up your entire tank. Hey, if you want to give the oil companies your daily gas money all in one shot, that’s fine. But you’re supposed to buy gas every day. Maybe that’s not right, but when I read the first email about this that was sent to me about seven years ago, I realized that sending the oil companies my $45-$50 once a week instead of $7.50 a day was insane. That was my impression of the email, and it made sense for the strike to be effective.

The weird thing is that I know it’s not the oil companies that set the prices for fuel, it’s OPEC. Why everyone wants to be down on the oil companies is anyone’s guess. I guess if we thought Levi’s blue jeans cost too much, then we would gripe at J C Penneys and Bealls and Dillards. Certainly wouldn’t complain to the manufactures of the jeans, who would do that? I’m calling Best Buy in a minute to complain that their Apple computer products cost too much, because its Best Buys fault. I would never send Apple a message, because they just set the prices.

Thinking about this has made me realize that the March 28 Gas Strike is not aimed at the right people. We need to define our focus.

I pledge to not buy gas on Monday, March 28th.

I’ll just buy $15.00 dollars worth of gas on Tuesday, March 29th.

That’ll show them convenience store owners.


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