Stranger Will

Caleb J. Ross, author of Charactered Pieces, has a brand new novel out, Stranger Will. I had the pleasure of working with Caleb in WriteClub 2010, and participating in a great podcast with him at the velvet last year. Mr. Ross is a fearless writer, capable of delving into the sides of life we rarely see, and making his characters worlds explode within us like a gut punch. Caleb will be visiting my blog here in September during his blog tour. He’s going to take over for a day and gain control…scary stuff.

I’m going to order his book soon and I wanted to spread the word. Click the orange and white links above to order his books, they have the ObscuraSeal of Approval. (Just made that up. I need to make like a stamp or something. The ObscuraSeal of Approval.)


2 responses to “Stranger Will

  1. I’m insured. Hey, just bought your book. From the blurbs I’ve been seeing, I’m going to need mind insurance after this one. Really excited about reading this, so expect a full review soon.

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