It Came From Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones-Bob’s Review

By the time I finish this review, Stephen Graham Jones will have written five more short stories and another novel. Saying he’s prolific is an understatement. A very recent Stoker Award nominee for his short story collection The Ones That Got Away , Dr. Jones ( he’s an English professor at University of Colorado in Boulder) is in very good company on this years ballot with another Stephen…as in King. Yeah, that guy. For those that don’t know, the Stoker Awards are the equivalent of the Oscars, only for superior achievement in Horror fiction instead of films. To be nominated is an honor in itself.

is Stephen’s latest effort in novel form, and it’s a grand masterpiece. When a writer can take the most crazy ideas from out of thin air, and toss in compelling characters you can’t stop reading about, what’s left is a story you can’t put down, and one you want to immediately start over from the beginning and race to the end again, and again. Dodd is a smuggler…no, correction…the best smuggler there is. And though he’s working on the wrong side of the law, that doesn’t stop him for caring about his daughter, Laurie. Dodd gets caught in a very bad deal, and gets the bad end of the stick. Of course, that doesn’t stop him. Even through death, he continues on. Fifteen years later, we pick up the story with his daughter, Laurie. Working Border Patrol, she uncovers some major strangeness going on all around her, and the scent, that maybe, just maybe, her father is still out there.

Do NOT let the cover fool you. Yes, there are some bizarre things happening in Del Rio. Yes, mucho strangeness abound. The strangest things you may have ever read are in this book. But it’s written with the utmost seriousness and so much courage and heart that the strangeness often plays second fiddle to the characters he has created, people you come to feel for and understand, even though their unique circumstances are light years beyond anything we’ve ever experienced. It’s a story that only Stephen Graham Jones could write, and to tell you anymore would only cheat you.

Buy this book. Here’s the link again: It Came From Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones.


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