A Light To Starve By

Axel Taiari. You’ve never heard of him. One may find him lurking around in the forums at the velvet or other peculiar haunts online. He’s a writer of the dark fantastic, and a helluva good one too.

Last year, a group of writers literally attacked a Vampire Anthology and took over. The book was finally released, and let’s just say that sometimes things do not go as you expect. That’s life, and we deal with it. Axel’s short story, “A Light To Starve By” now actually has a chance to see the light of day, or night, since it’s a vampire story.

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon opened up Kindle Singles. For a relatively cheap price, one can purchase a short written piece, be it fiction or nonfiction, on their Kindle. Starting tomorrow, Axel’s story, “A Light to Starve By” will be available for purchase. $0.99. Yep, that’s not a typo…99 cents. (Ha, funny I mention typos. Extremely prolific Horror writer Stephen Graham Jones said Axel’s last name looked like typo. Even Axel thinks that’s funny.)

Anyway, I told Axel I would pimp his story here, so here we go. A Light To Starve By hits the digital universe tomorrow, Friday, February 25, 2011. (Yeah, it’s available now, but for the love of all that is holy, wait until tomorrow to download it. Axel is probably tweaking the formatting of this download right now, and when he said Friday is the day, then Friday is the day.) I read a snippet of this story, just to wet my appetite, and lemme tell ya kids, the man can write. It’s only about 6000 words, definitely worth the 99 cents. If you like short stories, and if you like vampires, then quit jabbing a stake in your heart and read this one.


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