Obscuradrome 2.0, aka www.bobpastorella.com

Not so much a big update, but I finally plopped down the necessary funds to make this place my own. I’ll be adding to it here and there, moving the furniture around, painting the walls, stripping away the varnish and clearing out the cobwebs with C4.

Battle Hymn of The Tiger Balm Lily Mom. (That’s not the real title, I’m just having a little fun.) This is a book by Amy Chua, who is an extremely educated woman who is very serious, read boring. I haven’t read it, don’t plan to either. Heard a lot about it, and don’t like any of it. My general comment is that apparently this over-achieving Asian-American woman used Chinese water-torture to raise her two daughters. Berating insults, screaming, no friends, no play. All practice and no play makes Chinese daughter get to Carnegie Hall. Whooptie Doo. Forget if she never wanted to play an instrument, the poor girl never had a choice according to her Mom. But it’s not a how-to book. It’s a memoir, so there’s supposed to be this message, and heartwarming passages, and maybe a little humor.

Sounds to me like it’s just like this blog, full of opinion.

Thanks, Tiger Lily Mom. You have created two of the most boring people on the planet. Fortunately, they don’t know any better. Maybe one day one of your daughters will grow a spine and do some thing on her own, instead of reliving your own failed miserable life for you.

Enough rant. Just thinking about it makes me angry.


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