Obscuradrome 2.0, possibly, might be, arriving soon…maybe.

Is it so hard to type in a web address nowadays?

Maybe it is.

Or maybe we’ve grown extremely lazy in this point/click/hover/tap/swipe/pinch world of ours. For me to access this blog on any computer other than my own, I have to type obscuradrome.wordpress.com. I’m pretty sure there is no website called obscuradrome, and for $17.00 I can make sure no one else names their website obscuradrome for a year. It would be obscuradrome.com. $17.00 a year isn’t bad, but is adding the wordpress at the end that much more difficult? Does having wordpress at the end of the name make others think I’m not serious about having an online presence?

In other words, if there’s an agent or editor interested in my work and they decide to google my name and come across the ole’ obscuradrome blog, are they going to frown when they see I haven’t even bothered to register the name of the website…for $17.00?

I hope not.

It’s only $17.00. I’m going to mull this over after I get paid next week. Until then, save this in your favorites or something. I’d hate for you to have do all that extra typing. I know I hate it.


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