Trans what? Transubstantiate. Don’t worry about what it means. I don’t even know what it means, but I soon will. Author Richard Thomas has his first novel coming out July 1, 2010. It’s called…wait for it…Transubstantiate.

Yep, I’m going to pimp a book I haven’t read yet. I have read some of Richard’s short stories, and they’re great, so I can only imagine what reading pleasure a novel by him is going to bring. Described as a neo-noir, this is going to surely be a twisted tale.

I met Richard through my connections on the velvet (see the link on the sidebar at the right) and have corresponded with him through WriteClub 2010. He’s given me feedback on some of my stories that has been both insightful and encouraging.

Richard is widely published in the literary short story field, pursuing a MFA at Murray State University, and has co-edited some nice literary publications. He does all this, and is married with children. So if you want to write, yet your best excuse is that you ‘just can’t find the time’, then think again. If this busy man can do it, anyone can. The guy writes in 7000-8000 word blocks, usually all in one day. Multiply that times ten days and your have a novel. At that rate, he should probably publish 20-30 books a years. Personally, I think he’s part of a government cloning experiment, but neither one of him are talking. I’m ordering his book soon, and you should also.

Here’s the link to his website, where you can read the synopsis of the book, a sample chapter, and place your order.




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