Pimping for a friend.

Being a writer, it’s easy to sometimes overlook your writer friends who have published books. You almost think you should have gotten a free copy in the mail already. Well, the truth of the matter is you look like a mooch when you ask for the freebie. I purchased Chris Deal’s book Cienfuegos through amazon and started reading it today. It’s short, like 70 pages or so, but the stories are immense. Chris is a master of flashfiction. No, correction, THE master of flashfiction, which are basically super short short-stories. Trust me, this isn’t something that’s easy to do because they’re short. It’s more about what you don’t tell the reader than the words on the page. It’s about capturing the essence of a story and giving me just enough to let my mind fill in the blanks.

Post apocalyptic, intense, Gut-wrenching. I haven’t finished it yet and I know I’m going to read it again.

You can order his book here:

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