What is Obscuradrome?

My name is Bob Pastorella, and this is my blog. Obscuradrome is where I will share with the world news about my published and unpublished fiction, discuss the writing life, review books and films, and comment about strange happenings around the world. The old news is that to be published in today’s cut-throat arena, an online identity is crucial. Publishers want built in audiences. And of course, like any other professional artist, I want a built in audience as well. What’s new is this is my first real experience in blogging.

I guess I have to say at this point is that I really hope this doesn’t suck.

Initial updates will be sporadic. I have a day job that consumes massive quality hours of productivity. Work on my novel is paramount–why else have the blog in the first place. Once I find my stride and establish a routine, readers should expect updates two to three times a week.

I will link other writer’s blog sites to this, to continuously spread the love of fiction and promote their work.

This is a work in progress, and it will never end.

Welcome to Obscuradrome.


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